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Health and Safety Policy
Vulnerable Individuals. Advice on Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Attending Club Meetings.
General Data Protection Regulation

This document has been prepared using the advice provided by the PAGB concerning Heath & Safety Issue 1 – 17th February 2015.

  • At the beginning of each meeting, those in attendance should be made aware of the location of emergency exits and whether or not any fire alarm tests are scheduled to be carried out during the progress of the meeting. Members should also be made aware of the location of the assembly point should evacuation of the building be required. Members sign in as they arrive at the meeting so that a roll call can be carried out at the designated assembly point.

  • In the event of the alarm sounding the booking in sheet should be taken to the assembly point. Members should be told that if the alarm sounds they must leave the building. The signing in sheet should be removed by any member if it seen to still be there once the alarm is sounded and taken to the assembly area. The roll call will be conducted by the chair of the meeting. The results will be available for the attending Fire Officer.

  • Club officials should be aware of the location of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers. In the event of a fire, anyone who decides to use the installed firefighting equipment should be fully conversant with the operation and use of such equipment.

  • Leaving the building is the priority.

  • Club officials must be aware of the location of any first aid equipment available within the building. These officials must also be aware of how to contact emergency services and be aware of the complete address and postcode of the premises in case emergency services are required.

  • Address & Post Code are printed on the back of signing in sheets.

  • Club members having First Aid skills should be known to the committee. Names are on the back of signing in sheets.

  • PAT Testing is not necessary. However equipment should be taken out of service and possibly replaced if any signs of damage are seen at any time. No repairs of an electrical nature are to take place without correct supervision and arrangements being made. RCDs should be used on our leads where they plug into Avonway or other venue. This should be tested each time they are used by pressing the TEST button. Electrical equipment must be purchased from a reputable supplier.

  • Leads for electrical equipment should not present a trip hazard.

  • Avonway limit the number of individuals in the kitchen. No member under 16 is allowed in the kitchen.

  • Ladders should be checked for suitability and condition before use. The ladder should be “guarded” and supported by one person whilst climbed by another. Steps and ladder should not be climbed beyond the third top most rung.

  • Risk assessment at other venues should be considered to identify special risks.

Rex Waygood FCC Hon Sec
November 2016

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Vulnerable Individuals

This document has been prepared using the advice provided by the PAGB concerning Advice on Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults attending Club Meetings Issue 1 – 17th February 2015. The intention of this document is to provide a safe environment for the vulnerable individual.

The club will allow participation and membership of the Club of vulnerable individuals aged between14 and up to 16 years of age provided they are accompanied to club meetings by a parent guardian, or nominated person. The parent or guardian must put the name of the nominated person in writing to the Club Honorary Secretary.

The club will allow participation and membership of the Club of vulnerable individuals aged 16 and up to 18 years of age unaccompanied provided a parent or guardian has consented in writing to the Club Honorary Secretary.

Where age is not the vulnerability then the status of the individual will be discussed with the parent or guardian with two members of the committee. The outcome of that discussion will be agreed in writing, signed by all parties and retained by the Club Honorary Secretary.

Where a vulnerable individual is accompanied by by parent, guardian or nominated person they are responsible for the vulnerable individual before, during and after the club event.

Should a vulnerable individual arrive at the club without the requirements above being met then it should be brought to the attention of two committee members, preferably the Chairman and Hon. Sec. for appropriate action to be taken.

A vulnerable individual should not be left with less than two club members if for any reason the parent, guardian, or nominated person is temporarily unavailable. Preferably the parent or guardian should nominate two other individuals for that period.

The law does prescribe that the showing of indecent or suggestive images to those aged below 18 is illegal. It is therefore a requirement that the club checks with invited speakers that their presentation does not involve the presentation or taking of indecent images. The definition of indecent or suggestive is not clear so for the purposes of this policy it is best to adopt a precautionary approach where anything involving nudes is regarded as potentially indecent.

As images for internal competitions are seen by the internal club secretary prior to the competitions any image that causes concern as to suitability can be brought to the attention of the committee for suitable action to be taken.

In studio sessions, the permission of the parent or guardian must be sought before an under 18/vulnerable individual can be photographed.

The vulnerable individual needs protection from sexual, emotional and physical abuse, exploitation and other actions and activities that may be considered harmful. It is incorrect to assume that the abuser will be a male. Any suspicion of abuse of a vulnerable individual must be reported to two committee members. The first and most important thing is to arrange for the protection of the vulnerable individual with the cooperation of the parent or guardian with immediate effect until the circumstances can be investigated. The PAGB advice is to deal with the investigation with a small sub-committee.
The club should not use the personal email address of any junior member under 16 years of age. Emails should be done through the parent or guardian. These personal email addresses should remain within the club database and not be entered into committee members’ address books. Personal email addresses for those aged 16-18 may be used if the parent or guardian has consented in their original consent form. If no permission is given they should be treated as per 14-16 year olds.
Club Facebook membership is currently open to all aged 14 and above. The FB page now includes a statement about suitability of material given the nature of our audience.
This document should be brought to the attention of all club members.
Rex Waygood
FCC Honorary Secretary
Nov 2016

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General Data Protection Regulation

Fordingbridge Camera Club Data Protection Policy

Fordingbridge Camera Club (FCC) is established with the objects set out in its constitution, and is a data controller within the UK.
The personal information referred to in this Policy may include name, contact details, service records, records of entries to events, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate interests of FCC. Any person wishing to verify the information held by the FCC may apply to the Secretary.

FCC collects and holds personal information about:
1. The members of the club.
• This information is used to facilitate administration and services. The information is compiled into a spreadsheet. Club Members’ email addresses may be in committee member’s address books for club purposes.
2. Others necessary for the conduct of the business of FCC.
• This information is used to contact external Judges, speakers etc. for the club.
3. Photographers as the creators of Images used in the activities of FCC.
• This information is managed subject to the General Conditions for PAGB Competition Events.
FCC may retain historical archives for example but not limited to, records of meetings, handbooks, catalogues, awards and other event results.

Rex Waygood
May 2018
Fordingbridge Camera Club GDPR Policy_V4

For those that wish to download the policy or read it as a PDF.




Food on offer may contain, has been made on equipment
that also processes, or made on premises that may use
nuts or nut derivative products or other allergens.

Any food consumed or handled is done so entirely at the individuals own risk.

Fordingbridge Camera Club, its Officers, Committee and
its Members thereof are neither severally or jointly liable
for any food or drink an individual chooses to consume or
offers for consumption.

February 2018