John Larry's Method

Simple Print Mounting


The Implements Required for the John Larry Method


Photo Spray mount - I use 3M (the RED can)
Meths (not for drinking)
Stanley knife or other similar cutter
The print.
The mount
A handicraft roller
Old newspaper
Metal ruler
Soft cloth or kitchen towel.

Spraying the Print


Do this in a well aired room that no one else will be using.
Put some old newspaper on the whole area where you are about to spray
Using the spray, go round the edges of the back of the print then around the centre.

Mounting the Print


Place the print on the mounting card, leaving enough room for the required border plus a bit extra. Note it does not need accurate alignment to the edges!
Use the roller to flatten the print and remove any air bubbles.
Start from the centre and roll out to each edge.

Trimming the Mount


Measure out your border area.
Using the cutting tool and a thick metal ruler, cut out the print and border.
Do not use a thin metal ruler as the knife can slip. I got the thick ruler after my second visit to A & E.
Fortunately I got no blood on the print or mount!

Cleaning the Print


Should you get an spray on the front of the picture (or any other marks) these can be removed with a spot of meths on a soft cloth or kitchen towel.

Check that the meths does not attack your print paper before doing this on the print.