Rex's Method

Print Mounting


Print Mounting

Using the Logan Team System (24" rule, Model 302 Bevel Cutter & Model 500 Mat Cutter)


Firstly print your print!
At the time you print you can set or measure the size of your print.


Trim the print


The print is too large to mount so we must trim off the surplus. We need about 10mm around the print.

Note that there is a piece of card under the print where the cut will take place. It is better than cutting into the dining room table.


The dimensions do not need to be exact.

It is best to put the Logan rule on the print and then use the knife. If you do slip then the knife will not go across the print.

Mark the Print


By holding the print up to the light you can see the edge of the print.

The back of the print needs to be marked with a pencil or pen in order to allow alignment to take place.


Short marks at the corners will aid alignment.

Measure the print


If you didn’t make a note of the print dimensions when you printed the picture then you now need to measure the print size accurately.


Having measured the print you now need to do the arithmetic to put the print in the centre of the card.

The card is 500 mm * 400 mm from
Cotswold Mounts
or any other art supplier.

I will mount symmetrically at 57 left and right and 55 top and bottom. remember what format print you have.

Marking the card


The borders are now marked on the card. The lines should be extended beyond the size of the print as we will use them for alignment.

As a check you measure the size of the “hole” as it should match the print.


Border 55 * 57 mm

Cutting the Card


Before cutting do a final check by putting the print on the card and checking the alignment marks line up with the border marks that have been made.

Remember the old adage, measure twice, cut once.


Put the channelled side of the rule against the line.

The rule must be held down firmly to prevent it sliding.


Hook the cutter onto the channel and line up the white mark on the cutter with the line on the card.

Hold the rule firmly, put your thumb onto the cutter and push in one steady continuous movement until the white mark aligns with the border mark at the other end of the rule.

Repeat on the four sides.

Mount the Print


Line up the print marks with the marks on the card.

If you have offset your print then you must ensure the top is at the top!


I use 3M masking tape, do not use cheap tape as it can damage other prints that come into contact with your tape.

Put one strip on and then check the alignment of the print against the aperture.

You can also use two small pieces of tape at the top corners for initial alignment, then tape over them when aligned.


There should be no white of the print showing.



I use a peg to compress the tape adhesive on to the print and the card.

The second piece of tape should be opposite the first. Stick the tape to the edge of the print first. This will allow you to tension the print when you stick down the tape.

This method is just for photographic competition, not for mounting for framing.


After taping all four edges of the print, the piece of card that created the hole can be used to stiffen the whole mount and protect the back of the print.

For this I use a 50mm wide 3M masking tape.


Again I tape two opposite edges first and then flatten down the tape using the wooden edge of the peg.

I tape all four edges

All Done


The final touch is to stick on the identifying label. The club website will tell you what should be on this label


This is the final print.