You have a workflow from camera to print, do you know if the colours are 'right'?

Colour Train Check

I went on a Colour Management Course run for NEC and X-Rite by Native Digital, it was very interesting.

I have now used the whole of a packet of Epson paper doing experiments to investigate settings on my printer and on CS6 to get things right.

The test image I used was from HERE. It is slow to download and it is a big file. If you do save as it should show as CS Test Form RGB.tiff . Rob's website is HERE.

Having printed out the test image with the work flow you normally use and hoping you are happy with the results you then photograph the print. Preferably you will use a lightbox.

If you don't have a lightbox things are a bit harder. You need pretty even illumination of the print to get reasonable results. Opposite and facing a north facing window is good, or go into the garden in the shade, when it stops raining.

Take the image into your workflow and set the whitepoint using one of the test white squares. You shouldn't need to do much else. If you do then your exposure control may need looking at. The image should be 'perfectly' exposed. (I needed +0.05eV to get peaks showing in some of the colour areas, white was still not peak white)

Print this image out and compare with your start point. If your colour train management is good you will find the prints difficult to tell apart.

If anyone would like to compare results then let me know and I'll bring my prints to the club. I am now happy with my workflow from camera to print.