Another Tom publicity gem. Enjoy!

Spring Ehibition Lastest

How many photographers does it need to take a good photograph? The answer is 50 – one to take the photograph and 49 to say, “Well I could have done that!” If you have ever wondered what photographers like to do in their darkrooms - what turns on all these camera enthusiasts who are your neighbours and friends in Fordingbridge? Well now you can look behind the scenes and see what members of the Fordingbridge Camera Club are doing at a free exhibition to be held in the Fordingbridge Town Hall on Friday 4th May and Saturday 5th May. They are proud of their work and are happy to talk about it to anyone who is interested. Even if you only take the opportunity to call in for a tea and cakes break to rest your feet whilst out shopping you will be welcome to browse the exhibition.
If you would like to have your portrait taken, or your child’s or your pet’s, that can be done on the spot without pre-booking. Stalls with greeting cards, featuring local wild life and other items of interest, will also be present. Even some of the exhibits are available for purchase if you should so wish. The exhibition at the Town Hall, Salisbury Street, Fordingbridge SP6 1AS will be opened by the mayor Mr Malcolm Connolly at 10-30am on Friday. Opening hours that day are until 4.30pm. Saturday opening hours are 9.30 – 2.00pm.
Avonway Refurbishment Project, which is producing a first class facility for the town, will also be there to show plans of the improvements under way and of future developments for Avonway. They are also happy to receive any donations you may wish to give to assist them in their marvellous work, come and talk to them and to us. Talk is cheap – unless you are a lawyer!