The Mayor of Fordingbridge, Malcolm Connolly, arrived and opened the Exhibition.

Mayor opens Spring Exhibition

The Mayor of Fordingbridge, Malcolm Connolly, arrived and opened the Exhibition. Malcolm stated that he would have joined the Fordingbridge Club had we not met on a Wednesday.

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The initial welcome by Mike Whatmore and Malcolm's opening talk.

P5040902 s

Nora waygood adds her welcome to the Mayor.

A handshake in front of our SPF panel.

The Mayor spent a considerable amount of time going round the exhibition and admiring the photographs.

Many of the visitors expressed admiration for the exhibits. We are looking forward to the Saturday crowds. :-)

Well Saturday came and someone woke up Fordingbridge around 10:30 and it was almost impossible to move!

We have received 148 votes for favourite picture and the results will be posted soon. The tea crew were kept busy and fortunately there were no fights over Yvonne's Orange and Almond cup cakes as I ate the remaining two!

P5050970 1 s

Part of Saturday's tea crew, Rosemary, John, Zoe, Yvonne. Unseen is Brian who was handing out the cakes and our Friday Yvonne.

P5050978 s

This is our end crew as we shut the doors and prepared to strip down the exhibition.

From our visitors book we can extract words like

So the visitors seemed to like our exhibition.

The exhibition was run to help Avonway with repairing the roof over the rooms we use! Watch the news pages on the website for the final amount we will donate to Avonway.

A big thank you to all those who helped by participating, helping, visiting, advertising, making teas, making cakes.

A thank you to Nora for conceiving of the idea and motivating and organising us all in this adventure.