FCC was at the Ellingham Show

Ellingham Show 11th August

Got home exhausted but with a smile.

Nora and I arrived at 7:45 and Nora went off to help with the Hampshire WLT.
I went to the Horticultural Tent to perform my roll as the 'carrier in'er and presenter'
Anne sat at a table and as she completed judging the next lot of photos would be laid out. Sue helped by creating piles of those not considered worthy of an award and those which might get an award under the direction of Anne. Yvonne & Brian logged the results for the show secretary.

Then the photos were carried off for hanging. The hanging party, captured here are Kata, John and Joyce hanging the large prints. Alan is around somewhere!

Once the judging was completed we were able to go off and enjoy the show. It is an amazing show with lots of photo opportunities.
Kata and I did a half hour rota on the stand talking to potential members and having some fun with visitors and then I did a second stint with Nora.

A final tour of the show and then back home.......................

Don't think I got a masterpiece!
A thanks to all club members who worked hard to make it a success.