Results of the Two related and the AV/15 Slide sequence competitions

Two related and AV/15 Slide Sequence Competitions

Results of the Two related and the AV/15 Slide sequence competitions

Last night our judge was Norman Wiles from Wimborne Camera Club. Norman and his wife Carol gave an AV talk and demonstration to the club in September 2012 and Norman returned last night to judge how much we had learnt.

For his sins Norman was also asked to judge the Two related images competition.

Two Related Images.
There were initially 34 entries but it was anticipated that we needed to restrict entries to a maximum of two per person. This reduced the number to 27 entries.

There was a range of interpretations of how two images related, some amusing, some serious and some poignant.
Our judge HELD back several images and finally selected a 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
The images HELD back were:-
Five Star No Star by Brian Wigley
Clowns by Joyce Beal
That was then but this is now by Graham House
Birch by Judith Jannetta
Exercises for the judge to do by John Larry

Plus the winning images which were
Black and White Cat by Judith Jannetta (Winner)
Summer Autumn by Ivor Toms (2nd Place)
Spiral Geometry by Peter Street (3rd Place)

AV and 15 slide sequence

Norman Wiles watched all 12 entries through and then gave some overall comments and advice.
He felt that, in general, some of the sequences were too long and recommended that 3 minutes be the maximum time frame for a sequence. He also commented that many of the transitions were too sharp and did not time in with the background music as well as they might have done. Norman recommended trying to keep images to a similar size and format and wherever possible cluster the portrait images and landscape images separately to produce a smoother flowing sequence.. Choice of music was also commented on, some being too loud, or too fast and maybe some music was not of the right tone for the images.
Projection was criticized because some sequences showed the background Windows desktop above and below the AV frame (I apologise to the authors for this because when tested on the FCC computer at home with normal screen resolution these sequences were OK, but when connected to the projector which demands a screen resolution of 1400 x 1050 this problem was exposed. I think that this means we will have to specify output sizes in future to avoid this but I will need to ask Rupert for advice on this)

With all these comments in mind our judge awarded the places as follows:
St Petersburg by Christine Hughes (Winner)
Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think by Brian Hills (2nd Place)
Morocco Moments by Glyn Paton (Joint 3rd Place)
Waterloo Sunset by Peter Staines (Joint 3rd Place)