A competition to challenge club members to look at photography and art.

Old Masters Competition (Update)

The idea of the competition is to challenge club members to look at photography and art, and to use a famous painting as a starting point for producing a photograph that conveys understanding of the way the original painting was lit, or composed, or through its content shares the viewpoint or feelings of the original artist. It is not intended that the images produced will simply be a pastiche or copy of the original – but rather that it should show understanding through exploration of the original artist’s method or intention.

Each club member who wishes to take part in the competition chooses one of the supplied images and then goes away to research the image more fully perhaps, or comes up with ideas that the image inspires. There are twenty images below so there should be something to tempt everybody.

As this is a fun competition it was decided to make the entries PDI to save on printing costs however please add text at the bottom of the image so that the judge knows which Old Master inspired it e.g. Based on Da Vinci's Mona Lisa