Fordingbridge vs Boscombe. Judged by Rob Barron.

SAPA Print & PDI League

Print Results
Title Author SCORE
Sunset Kimmeridge Graham Fox 8.5
In Need of Attention Peter Thrussell 8.5
Cheers Keith Boyde 9
A Winter Showpiece Stan Robinson 7.5
Perlin BrianWadie 10
Pogo Stan Maddams 9.5
Dance of Passion Reg Clark 8
Chasing the Cat Keith Boyde 9.5
Fishing Reflection Dee Maddams 9
Slimbridge Hide Richard Wills 9
"Paper Art Spiral" Stan Maddams 9
Mr Printer and Son George Hughes 8
Total 82

PDI Results
Title Author SCORE
In the Frame Colin Gogerty 7.5
Inspecting the Grate Dee Maddams 9
Dancing through Time Reg Clark 8.5
Gotcha Stan Maddams 10
I told you there were fairies at the end of our garden! Jayne Lucas 8
A Smashing Time Keith Boyde 10
Whoops! Paulette Robinson 9.5
Faith in the Shadows Peter Thrussell 8.5
Gone with the Wind Reg Clark 8
Millennium Bridge Graham Fox 9
The Lamp Ivor Goddard 8
Red Squirrel Stan Maddams 9
Total 81.5

Print Results
Title Author SCORE
Coming to Life Alex Fletcher 8.5
Brlmham Rocks Barry Senior Hon FRPS 10
Sika hind and calf in heather Alan Forder 9.5
Millenium Bridge and St Paul's Shaun Reason 10
Gharial Sue Veal 9
Elgol Fiona Senior FRPS 10
Photo Finish Colin Millar 9
Wanted on Voyage Flona Senior FR PS 8.5
Theatre News David Fletcher LRPS 8
Green Water Dragon Sue Veal 9
Pendine Sands Barry Senior Hon FRPS 8.5
Total 83.5

PDI Results
Title Author SCORE
Walking in the Light John Larry 8
A pointer to the Sun Shaun Reason 9.5
Horned Ghost Crab Digging Burrow Colin English 8.5
Anemone blanda Peter Street LRP s 8.5
Kid in a Beanie Fiona Senior FR PS 9
Chain Maker Barry Senior Hon FRPS APAGB 9
Floral Ballerina Terry Turner 9
Southern Carmine Bee-eater 2 Mike Whatrnore AFIAP 9
Portishead Lido Philippa Hayter 9
Tate Modern to St PauI's Cesca Haskins 9.5
Brief Encounter Eric Lewis 8.5
Contemplation - man & boy Paul M Turner 8.5
Total 81