A couple of weekends ago we had the SCPF Championships where we were entered into both the PDIs and Prints.

SCPF Championships

A couple of weekends ago we had the SCPF Championships where we were entered into both the PDIs and Prints. It was a long day and we finished 16th out of 24 clubs in the PDI section and 12th out of 21 clubs in the print section. The results should be up on our website shortly. In the print section 3 of our members did well....these were

He's a Tramp But I love Him....Brian Hills CPAGB 12*
Renovation Needed................Fiona Senior ARPS 11*

Congratulations to both of you as the star against the score means that one judge gave a maximum of 5

Our other success was a great accolade for the club. Throughout the afternoon very few maximum scores of 15 were given out. At the end of the afternoon the judges then decided to select the winning image. After a certain amount of disbelief by the person concerned she suddenly realised that it was her image that had won!! Many congratulation's to Yvonne Mitchell CPAGB for not only gaining a maximum score of 15 but also receiving the Gold Medal for her image 'Coming Out'.

Print Titles Name Score
Barton Tide Kevin Jmes LRPS 11
Colmer Hill Shaun Reason 11
Coming Out Yvonne Mitchell CPAGB 15
Grass in the Dunes Eric Lewis 10
Great White Egret Peter Street LRPS 11
He's a Tramp but I Love Him Brian Hills CPAGB 12*
Lunchtime for the Cub Sue Veal 10
Oh Still Calm Judy Cochand 10
Picadilly Circus David Fletcher LRPS 10
Percelain Fungus Peter Street LRPS 12
Renovation Need Fiona Senior FRPS 11*
Sikh Guard at Amritsar David Fletcher LRPS 13
Solitude Nora Waygood 10
The Cobbler Fiona Senior FRPS 13
Trees in the Mist Barry Senior Hon FRPS APGAB 12

Any image with a score of 12 or below
with a star against it shows that 1 judge
gave the image a score of 5

PDI Titles Name Score
A Trio of Cranes Peter Street LRPS 9
Art in the Mud at Glastonbury Brian Hills CPAGB 9
Black Veined Whites Peter Street LRPS 12
Giant River Otter Eating Sailfin Catfish Mike Whatmore AFIAP BPE1 12
Hover Roger Bushnell 12
In Mum's Footsteps Sue Veal 10
Indus Valley David Fletcher LRPS 11
Low Flying Heron Sue Veal 11
Old Ireland Barry Senior Hon FRPS APAGB 11
Powerslide Colin Ives 9
Rufus Tailed Hummingbird Carol Greig 11
Spirit Island Steve Purdy 10
Steampunk Fiona Senior FRPS 10
Street Cafe Reflections Julie Francis 9
The Chair Barry Senior Hon FRPS APAGB 10