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23rd Oct

Stour & Avon Photographic Association

Stour & Avon Photographic Association
All v All Print
23rd Oct
Judge Peter Woodhouse at Bournemouth Electric Camera Club

Title Photographer Position Score
Blandford Forum CC
Whitby Memories Marilyn Peddle 9
Scooter and Squeegee Malcolm Bowditch 7.5
Swanage Pier at Dawn Graham Hutton 8
Helenium Trio Sally Chaloner 8.5
Soldier at Rest Stephanie Selwyn 8.5
Majestic in Flight Ian Ferris 10
2nd with 51.5
Boscombe CC
She Flies Like a Bird Peter Thrussell 10
Avon Beach Graham Fox 8
Cloud Eruption Richard Wills 8
Bay Under Starlight Sam King 10
Harvest Mice Stan Maddams 9.5
Homeward Bound Jayne Lucas 9.5
1st with 55
Bournemouth Electric CC
New Forest pony & foal Jules Syreet 9
Cambodian Street boy Mike Moores 7
Le Concervatoire Rita Simmonds 7
Cooling down on the south bank Lauren King 8
Dahlia swirl Norman Wiles 8
Dawn at Man O'War Bay Bob Palmer 10
7th with 49
Ferndown CC
The Magic Grater Sam Sampson 7.5
Coccinia Brian Kingsland 8
Just Walking in the Rain   Audrey Dunkling 8
Waterfall at Plitvice Cornelius Cornes 8
Grey Heron Anton Klapka 8.5
Needle and Thread Margaret Kingsland 9
8th with 49
Fordingbridge CC
Wendy Julie Francis LRPS 7.5
Crossing Point Sue Veal 8
Brownsea Squirrel Yvonne Mitchell LRPS 8.5
Camel Racing, Oman Ashley Francis 8.5
Out Early Gerry Howard 8.5
Reflections on Green Pond Kevin James LRPS 9
5th with 50
Kinson PC
The future Singapore Carol Brough 8
Mottisfont Rose Beryl Clewett 7
RNLI 1303 Claire McNally 7.5
Black Hawk up Chris Bacon 8
Following the leader Eric Kennedy 8
Ive got my eyes on you Tony Hepburn 9.5
9th with 48
Parkstone CC
Whales Tails  Malcolm Barents 7.5
Cover of Magazine Colin Foster 7.5
Gold at the London Stadium Haydn Morris 8.5
Waterlily Kew Gardens Jean Hollis 8.5
Scottish Wildcat  Kevin Maitland 9.5
Treeline    Ron Davey 9
3rd with 50.5
Poole CC
Speeding Cheetah Ian Platt 10
From tiny acorns Clare Watton 7
Information Traditional & Modern Martin Norris 7
In total control Micheal Jenkins 7.5
Liberty&Manhattan fm Brooklyn Br Ian Williams 8
Poppy Peter Power 8
10th with 47.5
Wareham CC
Porcelain Fungus Alan Bevis 8.5
Fairy Post Box Jill Riggs LRPS 7.5
Despair Roger Reece LRPS 8
Dewy Common Blue Mary Bevis 8.5
Highland Idyll Mike Grigsby LRPS 8.5
Itchy Scratchy Hare Gordon Chamberlain 9.5
4th with 50.5
Wimborne CC
Necking Norman Wiles 8.5
Dropped from the Team Alan Brown 7.5
Lean-to Shed Eric Wallbank 7.5
Dawn Tuscany Ron Holmes 8
Horton Tower in Winter Roger Holman 8.5
Fading Beauty Mike Grigsby 10
6th with 50