Held on 19 November 2017

SCPF PDI Exhibition 2017-2018

Club Name Title Score Award
Alton CC Clive Chater Stopping The Traffic 9.5
Kelvin Perry Autumn berries 9
Mark Fly Piccadilly Reflections 8.5
Simon Richards Forgotten Technology 8.5
Phil Thomas the third man 8.5
Steve Gregory Stromboli venting 8
Steve Kirkby Aquaplane 8
John Gilbert Alone in the Blizzard 7
Basingstoke Camera Club Garry George Isolation 9
Shaun Davis Deep in Conversation 8.5
Len Quinn Wading Willet Wanders the Wave 8.5
Keith Polwin ARPS Small Red Damselfly 8
Keith Polwin ARPS Female Mallard Taking Off 8
Philip Young CPAGB I am in Charge 8
Len Quinn Grim Abandonment on the Beach 7.5
Philip Young CPAGB Rani 7.5
Beaulieu Camera Group Cathryn Baldock Rock Abstract 8.5
Sue Dunham APAGB Dawn at Craig Goch 8
Fiona Hardy Tranquility 8
Mike McKenna Amur Tiger 7.5
Neil Hardy Keeper of the Egrets 7
Anthony Lewis ARPS Walrus 7
Alan Price ARPS Schoolboys at the Orange Wall 7
Paula Blackeby Icicles 6
Bognor Regis Camera Club Kutub Uddin Beauty of Reflections 9
Madi Brookman Lomo Balloons 8
Mark Brookman St Catherines Oratory 8
Mark Brookman Camel Jewelry 8
Janet Brown Early Morning Reflections 8
Jeff Coleman Misty Moorings 8
Yvonne Green Pond Life 8
Janet Brown Coins for a Wish 6.5
Bournemouth Nick Leonard Dawn Light at Vestrahorn 9
Russ Foote Jokulsarlon 8.5
Garry Prescott Spear Fishing 8.5
Russ Foote Rameses 8
Ross Middleton Grooming 8
Bob Palmer Concentration 8
Nigel Stride Harvest Time 7.5
Jules Syrett Puppy Love 7.5
Bracknell Camera Club Noel Hannan Time flies 10 First
Alan G Edwards DPAGB, AFIAP, LRPS, BPE2 Arching the Back 9
Steve Reynolds FIPF, EFIAPb, ARPS, PPSA The Builder 9
Clive Foster Mr Grumpy 8.5
Alistair Balharrie LRPS, CPAGB OOO La La 8
Steven Hubbard Hornet in the clouds 8
Steve Reynolds FIPF, EFIAPb, ARPS, PPSA Taking shelter 7.5
Jan Walters Net Loft 7.5
Chichester Camera Club Ann McDonald Walker in the Rice Terraces 10
Jean Brooks Waiting for the Train 9.5
John Howes Curious 9
George Atkins The Steam Railwayman 8.5
Ann McDonald Shy Boy 8.5
Keith Sawyer Contemplation 8.5
Peter Rocchiccioli There is More Action up There 8
Sheila Tester Preening Gannet 7.5
Disabled Photographers Society Lee Sutton LRPS, AFIAP Nuthatch in Cherry Blossom 9
Sylvia Morrow White Bellied Sunbird 8
Mike Pockney LDPS Weevil 8
Mike Pockney LDPS Flesh Fly 8
Allan Squires FDPS, AWPF Hovers Mating 8
Mike Pockney LDPS Hoverfly 7.5
Ray Bridges ADPS, LRPS Acanthosoma Haemorroidale on Hazel Leaf 7
Allan Squires FDPS, AWPF Chaser 7
Fareham & Portchester Camera Club Duncan Lawler Haytor 9
Peter Downer Canadian Memorial 8
Peter Foster Thoroughbreds 8
Duncan Lawler Um Moo 8
David Barton Morning is Risen 7.5
David Barton The Landscape Painter 7.5
Tim Gibson Ford Recession 7.5
Janet Barton Cromarty Skyline 7
Farnborough Camera Club Terry Redman Bee Eater Confrontation 9
Kathren Graham Green Hairstreak 8.5
Jill Williams Lemon Drop 8.5
Wendy Collens DPAGB, BPE2 A Game of Dominoes 8
Malc Lawes Sunrise Flight 8
Paul Harratt Solitude 7
Linda Kent Misty Sunrise 6.5
Brian Jones Reach for the Skies 6
Fordingbridge Camera Club Mike Whatmore AFIAP, BPE1 Great River Otter Eating Sailfin Catfish 10 Third
Peter Street LRPS Rudbekia Green Eyes 9.5
Terry Turner The Eyes of a Spider 9.5
Steve Purdy Still Standing 8.5
Paul Turner The Last Swim 8.5
Mike Grigsby LRPS Cluttering the View 8
Yvonne Mitchell CPAGB, LRPS Botanical Study of Lenten Roses 7.5
Fiona Senior FRPS Stop Arguing 7.5
Gosport Camera Club Graham Whistler FRPS, FBIPP Kingfisher 9.5
Ian Clarke LRPS, CPAGB, BPE1 Clear Run 8.5
Linda Hall Pink Parasols 8
Nathan Newman Last Summer 8
Graham Whistler FRPS, FBIPP Snipe 7.5
Joy Willey After the Storm 7.5
Jon Mitchell Backlit Brimstone 7
Michelle Jenkins Powell Just a Second 6.5
Havant Camera Club John Bogle Robin Agression 9.5
Ron De Ath One Man And His Dog 9
John Bogle Kestrel With Vole 9
Bexky Hitchcock Porth Nanven Beach 8.5
Jean Brooks Dawn Over The Lagoon 8
Steve Frost Forlorn 7.5
Carrie Davidson Ing an Rice Terrace 7
Brian Mitchell Burmese Fishermen 7
Highcliffe & Infinity Camera Club Elaine Adkins Derrygarreff Valley 9
Jules Syrett LRPS Red Squirrel 8.5
Catherine Dashwood LRPS Waiting for Walks 8
Simon Brown Benny 7.5
Karen Coller No Cycling 7.5
Ian Francis ARPS, DPAGB Stilt Fisherman 7.5
Frank Leavesley NCFE3 Solent Shower 7.5
John Livy LRPS Aircrew Rescue 7.5
Horndean Camera Club Paul Stone Raining Stars 10 Second
Paul Jackson The Leader 8.5
Melanie Thorne The Diamond Ring 8.5
Glenys Kill Early Morning Mist 8
Richard Veitch Red Eyed Tree Frog 8
Janette Britton Misty Wreck 7.5
Steve Day Advance at Dawn 7.5
Graham Nicklen Into the Mist 6.5
Locksheath and Sarisbury Camera Club Nic Drew Carrot 9.5
John Kilmister Lady in Red 8.5
James Fox Long walk home 8
Mike Porter Waterfall 8
John Kilmister Refuel 7.5
Guy Merry Playing A Round 7.5
Ross Underwood The forecast said snow 7.5
Chris Raymont Pressing On 7
Lymington Camera Club Louis Rumis MPAGB, EFIAP Indian Leopard 8.5
Catherine Dashwood LRPS OK Lads this is the plan 8
Rick White Where did I leave that deckchair 8
Phil Beard CPAGB The Old Coal Store 7
John Brooks Patterns 7
Catherine Dashwood LRPS Jack 7
Mark Lanigan LRPS Hordle Cliff 7
Karen Coller Colours of a Beach Hut 6.5
New Forest Camera Club Tim Bayliss Emperor in flight 9
Jo Evans Cuckoo in flight 9
Mick Parmenter Eye to Eye 9
Linda Pain Clearing up after the fire 8.5
Brian Pain Amber 8
Pauline Clothier All Lined Up 7.5
Jeff Field Handouts 7.5
Dianne Hannam Look Out 7
Newbury Camera Club Jim Mowat The Tiller Girls 8
Roy Burgess Lunch on the lawn 7.5
Steve Gilmour View from Calton Hill 7.5
Andy Stacey This one is mine 7.5
Mike Stevenson Mist over Derwent water 7.5
Rick Atkins Saffron Bonnet 7
Rob Emslie Morning Glory 7
Jenny Secular Barge Reflection 6
Ordnance Survey Photographic Society Ian Miller Portuguese Sunrise 8.5
Dave Perkes Boxer 8.5
Mike Stacey LRPS Cold Pasture 8.5
Martin Williams Apache Menace 8
Roy Fisher FRPS Street Walker 7
Kevin Ramsell Yak 7
Kevin Ramsell Red Line 7
Niall Tyler Tired Girl 7
Overton PC Tony Coombes Coming Up for Air 9
Sue Teagle CPAGB, AFIAP, BPE1, LRPS Bee on Helenium 9
Ken West Great Crested Grebes 8.5
Jason Hyde Round the Island Race 8
Alan Willis Attitude 8
John Hodge LRPS, AFIAP, DPAGB Feet Up 7.5
Virginia Langer LRPS Dip HE Photog Calanais Standing Stones 7.5
Steve Williams Woodpecker 7
Petersfield Photographic Society Colin Thornhill DPAGB Hummingbird and Bottlebrush 9.5
Sara Schutz Tate Britain stairs 8.5
John Wigley CPAGB The Long ride home 8.5
Tracey Howe Eastney Point 8
Chris Jeffrey Sunbathing 8
John Richards Early Feed 7.5
Peter Timney In Full Song 7.5
Rog Pendel Malachite on Arum 7
Poole Camera Club Greg Phillips Pachyderm Pool Party 8.5
Greg Phillips Impala Drinking 8
Charlie Stone Tunnel 8
Mary Milner Blonde Ambition 7.5
Greg Phillips Springbok Drinking 7.5
Chris Thorpe The Stour 7.5
Chris Thorpe Flowering Succulent 7
Joy McDouough Salisbury Cathedral 6
Reading Camera Club David Simpson Beak to Beak 9
Keith Bowsher Dusk in Brighton 8
Janet Marshall LRPS Natural Light at the Natural History 8
Janet Marshall LRPS The Great Court 7.5
David Simpson Wild 7.5
Jonathan Farmer ARPS Harbour Scene 7
Dr Ramesh Naik The Golden Bride 7
David Sherwood Wobbly Bridge leading to St Pauls 6
Salisbury Camera Club Richard Ramsay CPAGB Double Canoes 9
Martin Cook Swan Dawn 8.5
Tony Oliver ARPS, CPAGB, BPE3 Fast food on a wet night 8.5
John Hart Forgotten Chair 8
Sarah Shelley LRPS, CPAGB WinGreen sunset 8
Jane Osborne Angels of the south 7.5
Linda Oliver Ice abstract 7
Dave Horscroft Looking over the bridge 6.5
Southampton Camera Club Marcin Ciesielski Red on White 10 HC
Suzannah Jordan Ferriers at Work 10
Iryna Russell Tanner at Work 9.5
Maurice Pugh Dewy Fritillary in Morning Sun 9
Maurice Pugh Mating Marbled Whites on Pyramidal Orchid 8.5
David Hall Foundry Worker 8
Edward Bolton Gone Fishing 7.5
Keith Woodhouse Happiness is Farmer Shaped 7.5
Viewfinders of Romsey Camera Club Heath Gough Holt CPAGB nostalgia 10
Malcolm Richardson The exhibit 10
Philip Clewer Life cycle 9
Jean Dalton North Sea sunset 8.5
Jillian Koernich Edges 8.5
Roy Lambeth DPAGB, AFIAP Hebrides winter 8.5
Jillian Koernich Words and music 7.5
Stephen Cooper Flying Scotsman at Romsey in the rain 6.5
Wareham CC Nigel Gidney Jackal Patrol 10 HC
Greg Duncan MPSA BPSA EFIAP B A Soft Smoke BW 9
Mike Grigsby Daisy Dreams 9
Alan Bevis Juvenile Jackdaw Preening 8.5
Tony Foskett A Good Meal 8.5
Mary Bevis Dewy Common Blue 8
Valerie Duncan Vulcan in Evening Light 8
Valerie Duncan The Card School 6.5
Winchester Photographic Society Tony Cowburn Starry Night at KImmeridge 10
Roger Dixey ARPS, DPAGB, BPE2 Mysterious Seascape 10
Peter Orr ARPS Dawn on Rockford Common 9
Gordon Brown ARPS Two s Company 8
David McKibbin LRPS Sitting Tall 8
Roger Clark ARPS Hotel Antartica 7
Frauke Adams Endlessness 6.5
Jude Blackman Doorways 6.5
Wokingham & East Berkshire Camera Club Roger Holdsworth Battlefield 8.5
Beverley Morgan Waiting for the journey home 8
Richard Barnett Taking a break 7.5
Brian Burden LRPS Not much night life here 7.5
Rodney Hart Three Boats 7.5
John Lewis Old and New 7.5
Viktorija Sivakova Ticket Line 7.5
John Bonney Barn Owl 6
Woolston Camera Club Colin Batt Extreme Light Painting 8
Roger Tribble Falkirk Kelpies 7.5
Martin Rickard Female Bearded Reedling 7
Roger Sims APAGB Receding Coast 7
Helen Thomson Sweet Pea 7
Ian Winstanley Chrome Exhaust 7
Daphne Woods Rotunda Belfast City Hall 7
Ian Winstanley Low Down Corridor 6
Yateley Camera Club Keith Taylor Keeping Dry 10 HC
Mark Rees A Bit of a Fluke 8.5
Alastair Lofthouse LRPS Daydeaming with a view 8
Keth Newton LRPS Tumbling Light 8
Fred Oudkerk Rough Seas Newhaven 8
Francis Bryan Waiting for the next train 7.5
Christine Campbell LRPS Angry Wildcat 7.5
Colin Fieldgate At the Waterhole 7.5

Club Positions

Club Score Rank
Southampton Camera Club 70 1
Chichester Camera Club 69.5 2
Fordingbridge Camera Club 69 3
Viewfinders of Romsey Camera Club 68.5 4
Bracknell Camera Club 67.5 5
Wareham CC 67.5 5
Alton CC 67 7
Havant Camera Club 65.5 8
New Forest Camera Club 65.5 8
Basingstoke Camera Club 65 10
Bournemouth 65 10
Winchester Photographic Society 65 10
Yateley Camera Club 65 10
Horndean Camera Club 64.5 14
Overton PC 64.5 14
Petersfield Photographic Society 64.5 14
Bognor Regis Camera Club 63.5 17
Locksheath and Sarisbury Camera Club 63.5 17
Highcliffe & Infinity Camera Club 63 19
Salisbury Camera Club 63 19
Disabled Photographers Society 62.5 21
Fareham & Portchester Camera Club 62.5 21
Gosport Camera Club 62.5 21
Farnborough Camera Club 61.5 24
Ordnance Survey Photographic Society 61.5 24
Poole Camera Club 60 26
Reading Camera Club 60 26
Wokingham & East Berkshire Camera Club 60 26
Beaulieu Camera Group 59 29
Lymington Camera Club 59 29
Newbury Camera Club 58 31
Woolston Camera Club 56.5 32