The SAPA league match on the 6th March was against Poole.

SAPA League 6th March

Prints ___Judge's Comments
Frosty Dawn 9 ___Liked it
Grass on the Dunes 7.5 ___Felt the sky and sand conflicted
Howat 8.5 ___Liked it
Leopard with Kill 10 ___Loved it
Out early 10 ___Loved it
Sikh guard 9 ___Didn't like beard chopped off or white buildings in background as distracting
Solitutde 8.5 ___Felt it was a bit dark, didn't mind the zimmer frame and felt it told a good story
Tessellation 9 ___Liked it, loved the clean lines and then went on to discuss “Romans” and the word tessellation…...
The Cobbler 8.5 ___Didn't like models expression too staged
Torchwood Male 7.5 ___Didn't like all the green space
Wendy 9 ___Liked it especially the engaging expression
White tailed Eagle 8 ___Competent but Nothing special
Total 81.5
Poole's total was 78
Elephants crossing Olifants 10 ___Loved it
Still standing 8 ___Too bright on right hand side
Lymington at Dusk 8 ___Buildings on right not as sharp as on left
The Miliner 10 ___Loved it
Eyes of Spider 9 ___Didn't like the legs being chopped off at bottom, otherwise liked it
Bournemouth Pier 8 ___Didn't like the railings felt there were too many
The Seamstress 8 ___Title doesnt reflect in the portrait as no sewing machine
Portrait of Roxy 8.5 ___Didn't like the black background
Sailfin Catfish 10 ___Loved it but was unsure if it was a set up shot or natural
Passing Phase 8 ___Liked it as different
Girl with a Mirror 7 ___Really did not like it for a number of reasons.
Botanical Study of Lenton Roses 7.5 ___Did not like the background and felt the water droplets were totally unecessary as it was taken indoors
Total 79.5
Poole's score was 77.5