Member's Awards
Awards for 2008


Mälmo International Exhibition of Photographic Art 2008
John Larry gained 3 acceptances

Royal Photographic Society Annual Digital Projection Exhibition 2008
Anne Mahany gained 2 acceptances

"Beyond Group" First National Exhibition
John Larry gained 5 acceptances including a Judge's Ribbon and a Commendation
Anne Mahany gained 2 acceptances

Holland International Circuit
Anne Mahany gained 7 acceptances

Welsh International Projected Image Salon
Anne Mahany gained 2 acceptances and John Larry 3

Swansea City Exhibition of International Photography
Anne Mahany gained 4 acceptances and Geoff Munsey 2

Winchester Exhibition 2008?The following members gained acceptances:
Geoff Hands (2), Rex Waygood (3), Geoff Munsey (2), Anne Mahany (2),?Brian Hills (1) and John Mahany (1)

Southampton International Exhibition
The following members gained acceptances:?John Larry (3), Geoff Munsey (4), Anne Mahany (6), Geoff Hands (3), Rex Waygood (1) and John Mahany (1)

Basingstoke Annual Exhibition of Digital Photography
John Larry was awarded a Bronze Medal, 2 Certificates of Merit and 7 other acceptances
Geoff Munsey gained 2 Certificates of Merit and 7 other acceptences?John Mahany gained a Certificate of Merit and 5 other acceptances
Anne Mahany(7), Mike Grigsby(3), Geoff Hands(2), Derrick Holder and Rex Waygood(6) had images accepted.

Smethwick International Exhibition
Anne Mahany gained 2 acceptances in Travel and 2 acceptances in Nature

Bebington Salon of Photography?Anne Mahany gained 3 acceptances
John Larry gained an acceptance

Royal Photographic Society Annual Projected Image Exhibition
Anne Mahany gained an acceptance

Photographic Society of New York
John Larry, print acceptance

Northern Counties International Exhibition
John Larry, slide acceptance