Member's Awards
Acceptances 2012


Lumen 8th Loka International Colour Salon, Slovenia
John Larry - 7 acceptances.

Exposed International, Slovenia
Anne Mahany - 1 acceptance
John Larry - 3 acceptances

Wrekin Salon, England
John Larry - 5 acceptances including a Highly Commended.

Narava, Slovenia
Anne Mahany - 2 acceptances.
John Larry - 2 acceptances.

Bournemouth Electric Club Charity Exhibition
John Larry - 3rd place

2nd International Exhibition of Photography "Leskovac", Serbia
John Larry - 9 acceptances including a highly commended

Northern Counties, England
Anne Mahany - 2 acceptances
John Larry - 2 acceptances

Child, Serbia
John Larry - 7 acceptances

Kumanovo, Macedonia
John Larry - 2 acceptances

5th International Contest of Digital Photography NARAVA 2012 Slovenia
Anne Mahany - 2 acceptances
John Larry - 2 acceptances

Taichung, Taiwan International- 4 acceptances
John Larry

Welsh International Exhibition- 3 acceptances
Anne Mahany

Circular Exhibition of Photography "Art Photo" circuit Serbia - 15 acceptances
City Life, Serbia - 7 acceptances
Rock, Serbia - 7 acceptances
Austrian Super Circuit - 3 acceptances
Tropical, USA - 4 acceptances
John Larry

Southern Californian Exhibition
Anne Mahany had 2 acceptances

Andorran Circuit
Anne Mahany had 2 acceptances

Blandford Exhibition
John Mahany had 3 acceptances
Ken Stevens had 6 acceptances
John Larry had 12 acceptances including a commended

Basingstoke National Exhibition
Shirley Clarke a Nature Acceptance
Colin Ives a Mono Acceptance
Graham House an Open Acceptance
Rex Waygood a Portrait Acceptance
David Faulder an Open and a Portrait Acceptance

9th Tropical Image International Exhibition
Shirley Clarke 2 Acceptances
John Larry 4 Acceptances

Port Talbot Exhibition
Anne Mahany 3 Acceptances

Luxembourg International
Anne Mahany 2 Acceptances

Danish Digital
Mike Whatmore an Acceptance
Anne Mahany 2 Acceptances including a Bronze Medal

German International DVF-Photocup (3 Competition Circuit)
Mike Whatmore 16 Acceptances including a FIAP Silver Medal and an HM
Anne Mahany 6 Acceptances.

The Wrekin Salon, England
John Larry 3 Acceptances

118th Toronto International Salon of Photography
John Larry an Acceptance

17th Salon International de Foix, France
John Larry an Acceptance

1st Budapest International Digital Photo Contest
John Larry 2 Acceptances

Golden Digital Salon, Denmark
John Larry an Acceptance

Golden Rush Chapter International USA
John Larry 3 Acceptances

Southampton International Exhibition
Anne Mahany 2 Accptances
Shirley Clarke an Acceptance
Mike Whatmore 3 Acceptances
John Larry an Acceptance
Rex Waygood an Acceptance

37th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography
Anne Mahany PDI Acceptance Travel Class
Shirley Clarke PDI Acceptance Nature Class
John Larry PDI Accceptance Open Class