Club awards are changing to allow a wider distribution amongst categories and encourage members to try different parts of the photographic domain.



In order not to favour any particular type or style of image in competitions, FCC operates a system of Category awards to give all styles and subjects equal standing and to encourage Members to broaden their photography by possibly participating in multiple Category awards.

This currently applies to the Advanced Group only and not to the General Group.

Please note that this system has no bearing at all on judging. Judges will continue to be asked to choose a winner and score each image as before, and they will not even be aware that FCC will be reviewing scores within genres.

The Categories

When uploading competition images on PhotoEntry, Advanced Group Members will be asked to nominate a genre (category) for each image, in line with the following table. See also PhotoEntry Step-by-Step Guide.

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Under the Entry Reference field, Members should indicate which Category the image falls into – from 1 to 8. If it is a monochrome image, add a “M” after the number. For example, if uploading a Portrait, enter 3 for a colour image or 3M for a monochrome image.

The categories will be kept under review and updated as images are submitted by members. Some images may be ambiguous or difficult to classify in which case they should be entered in Other and queried with the Internal Competition Secretary who will arbitrate if required.


This system allows FCC to acknowledge photographers of all genres because scores will be analysed by genre to enable trophies to be awarded across a wide range of photography at the end of the year.

A list of these awards and how they will be decided is shown below.

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See also Club Cups for further information on FCC Trophies.