The club has had new prints stands sponsored by club members.

Yippee, Print Stands


Outside the maker's house!

The club now has 6 new print stands with the ability to display a minimum of 72 landscape prints and a maximum of 90 prints.
The display stands are collapsable, easy to erect and easy to store.

We had two sponsors for two stands and one for one stand. How did we get six? Well we had a sponsor for half a stand and we got a discount for buying the six!

The committee would like to thank the club members who sponsored the stands and I am sure all the members will be pleased with the generosity of the sponsors.

The gentleman, Mick, who made these wonderful prints stands for us has been kind enough to provide many enquirers with the plans as he has long retired from making them.

You can download the plans and photos free of charge from Print Stands HERE.
Mick has benefitted from the work of the Royal Bromton Hospital and asks that if you find the plans useful than please donate to the Royal Brompton HERE. (Updated 17/04/19)