Our Friday opening and start of the exhibition

Pictures from the FCC 2014 Spring Exhibition

2014 Spring Exhibition-1

The normal FCC Fire Drill, but the firemen were busy else where.

2014 Spring Exhibition-19

Preparations for the opening

2014 Spring Exhibition-2

Part of the school’s exhibition, showing the Trafalgar School entry. The standard was very high.

2014 Spring Exhibition-3

Mike Whatmore readjusting the pictures after judging to group the winners.

2014 Spring Exhibition-4

Malcolm Connolly the Mayor and Peter Staines prior to the official opening.

2014 Spring Exhibition-5

Peter introducing Malcolm

2014 Spring Exhibition-6

Malcolm opening the exhibition

2014 Spring Exhibition-7

Malcolm telling his funny stories

2014 Spring Exhibition-8

The thanks for the opening speech.

2014 Spring Exhibition-10

Robin Dumbreck, our judge for the exhibition, congratulating the club on the high standard of the exhibition.

2014 Spring Exhibition-20

Malcolm speaking to visitors.

2014 Spring Exhibition-11

The TV show of the club web gallery on a display loop

2014 Spring Exhibition-12

The show opens!

2014 Spring Exhibition-13

Yvonne Trim, guardian of the tea and cakes! :-)

2014 Spring Exhibition-14

The display for the firemen.

2014 Spring Exhibition-15

Men gossiping, about photography! Honest.

2014 Spring Exhibition-16

John Larry admiring the schools exhibition.

2014 Spring Exhibition-18

The welcome desk. All staff suitably trained to sit in this seat

2014 Spring Exhibition-22

The Spring Exhibition committee (Nora, Joyce, Sue and Yvonne) with Malcolm the Mayor of Fordingbridge

A special thank you to David Faulder for the images above.

ex t hall

The pupils of Forres Sandle Manor School visited the exhibition to see the show and receive their certificates.

exhibition t

Yvonne Mitchell liaised with the local schools in order to get the participation of pupils in the exhibition.

ex town hall6

The display of the work from Forres Sandle Manor School

ex town hall 3

The visitor numbers waxed and waned and we did receive a complaint about it being too busy!!!

ex town hall4

Mike with his display of work for sale.

ex town hall5

The tea and cakes area, very important!

Thank you to John Trim for these images

Pete White, Fordingbridge Fire Chief, receiving the print from the camera club.


General Section

Conkered Alien by Mike Bridgeman

Floral Triptych by Phiippa Hayter

Sunset over the Avon by Brian Allen

Wildlife Section

Fungi by Peter Street

Just Good Friends by Judy Cochand

Camouflaged Leaf Tailed Gecko by Mike Whatmore

Mono Section

Alone in a Sea of White by Dan Wellings

Dead Leaf Hosta by Judith Jennetta

Old Timers by Anne Mahany

We had at least 300 visitors. 177 had voted for their favourite print and the final count was down to a battle of the mice! Terry Turner’s Mice on Corn had 11 votes but Ann Cole’s Siblings was the overall winner with 20 votes so well done to you both!

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank everyone for sending in their images for the exhibition. The judge Robin Dumbreck was impressed with the standard and had a hard time deciding on the placings. As this was an Exhibition he judged the images as Exhibition Images rather than club competition ones. He was looking for composition, awareness and a keen eye of surroundings that would make interesting images, being in the right place at the right time and also the instant impact of the image. The committee would also like to congratulate all of the winners.
Sue Veal