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Tom's July Publicity

Summer is in full swing and what could be better than a quiet afternoon with a good book. I have been checking on some of the latest titles submitted for the Diagram Prize for the oddest titles of 2014. It includes “Working Class Cats”. Winners of previous years included: “Second International Workshop on Nude Mice” and “Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop”. It is thought that “Working Class Cats” will appeal to people who spend their days watching cat videos on the internet when pretending to work. Perhaps a book is not the answer; it is probably better to pick up your camera and go hunting for good photographs.

Why not go to our website, and get some brilliant ideas? There are some magnificent images there that will trigger your enthusiasm for photography. And who knows - if the summer is cold you too could publish a book, perhaps entitled “Brrbecue: Outdoor Grilling on a sub-zero day”. An even better idea may be to come and visit our stand at the Fordingbridge Festival on Saturday 19 July, Ellingham Show on 9 August and Frogham Fair on 23 August. Come and meet us and take the opportunity to discuss what you would like a camera club to be able to do for you or even just to consider the photographs on display. Summer is an ideal time for photography and all these local shows are good sources for photographs. If your photography is not good and neither your friends nor you cannot recognise yourselves in your photos perhaps you could even publish a second book “Poortraits - really bad selfies.”